Move over tweezers! You will be so happy with the shape created by threading, you will stick to this method of shaping forever.

Threading Benefits

  • Best alternative to waxing and tweezing, especially for sensitive skin.
  • Removes the root of the hair, your hair will take longer to grow back after we remove it.
  • By far the least invasive method of facial hair removal.
  • Threading can target individual hairs to get the precise shape and smooth finish you want.

Read our Helpful FAQ’s for Threading

What is Threading?
Threading is a hair removal technique that uses 100% cotton thread. The cotton thread is twisted and rolled along the surface of the skin entwining the hairs in the thread, which are then lifted quickly from the follicle.

Threading v/s Waxing?
Waxing: The top layers of skin are peeled or traumatised. 4 people out of 5 are sensitive to Wax.
Threading: Threading is gentler on the skin and the best way to remove facial hair. Threading is a good choice, since it does not use harmful products. If you use medicated products on your skin for pimples and other blemishes, this will be a lot better for your skin if you are prone to breakouts.

What should I need to do when you shape eyebrow?
Clients need to hold their skin tight to make the shape of eyebrow. Clients need to put one hand on top of their eyelid and other hand on their forehead to stretch the skin.

How long will it take to get my Eyebrow Threading?
It will depend on your Eyebrow shape and the thickness of your hair. Approximately it takes 5-10 minutes.

How often I should get my Threading done?
It will depend on your hair growth but usually after 2-4 weeks.

Is Eyebrow Threading painful?
Threading is less painful because it is faster and takes out several hairs at a time. The more often you get threading the less discomfort you will have because your skin will adapt to the process. Everyone’s tolerance level is different. For most people it might feel like a little pinch. But it’s less painful than tweezing.

Threading Pre-Treatment Advice

  • Avoid exfoliating your skin the day of your facial hair threading appointment. When your skin is exfoliated, it becomes more sensitive with threading, and this might lead to redness.
  • Remove your makeup using a gentle makeup remover

Threading Aftercare Advice

  • After threading do not apply any perfumed cosmetic products to the area like cleansers or moisturisers which contain acid for at least a period of 12 hours. This is so because even though these acidic products aid in removing the outer layer of skin they might cause an adverse reaction if used after hair removal, especially if you have sensitive skin.
  • Make sure you do not touch the threaded area for the first 12 to 24 hours as it may cause breakouts, rashes or irritation. Also make sure that the facial area which underwent threading is not exfoliated.
  • Wait for a period of at least two hours after threading face before taking a hot bath or shower. The threaded area can be gently washed with the help of anti-bacterial soap.
  • Avoid stepping into direct sunlight for a period of at least 48 hours after threading without proper UV protection. Refrain from using tanning beds or sunbathing without proper UV protection.
  • If the threaded area turns red, then apply some rose water or mild cream on it to return the skin to its normal colour.
  • If the redness or irritation does not subside even after using a cooling lotion, opt for an ice cube massage. This will relieve the pain and soothe any irritation present after threading.
  • Avoid any sort of steam treatment or heat source immediate after threading.
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