No. Home hair removal devices such as Philips Lumea, No!No!, Veet Infini’Silk and Me Smooth are all standard battery operated devices and are NOT lasers. For example, the Philips Lumea is a form of an IPL device. The No!No! uses a thermicon wire that targets only the top part of a hair shaft. These devices generally have 1-2 low settings that can be used at home. Because the general public does not have certified formal training and education of hair removal, these home devices use very low settings to avoid misuse and adverse skin reactions. A recent study found that consumers who used a home hair removal device found that the hair completely returned 12 weeks later and some even reported that they had a higher hair count than when they started.

Laser Hair Removal does require a series of treatments. After each treatment you only lose a small percentage of hairs, hence the reason for multiple treatments. The cost for Laser Hair Removal depends on how many treatments you will need and what areas. Most people will want multiple areas hair free. For example, on average, a small area (one facial area, underarms, bikini line) can range from £40- £70 per treatment. One medium area (brazilian, abdomen, arms) can range from £50 – £130 per treatment. One large area (chest, back, legs) can range from £70 – £200 per treatment.

These prices may vary depending on our monthly promotions and discounts. At Kings Beauty, we offer consultations at NO CHARGE so we can create customized courses tailored to your needs, wants, goals and your budget. Our courses are from start to finish! Our payment options are flexible and affordable and we will get you one step closer to a SMOOTH YOU! So ditch that razor and start laser!

Electrolysis is the practice of diathermy epilation. It targets one hair at a time. A solid hair-thin needle is inserted into each hair follicle one at a time while sending heat to the hair follicle. This procedure can be uncomfortable and takes a very long time. With the Alexandrite and Nd:Yag laser, there is no puncture of the skin, it is quick and targets multiple follicles at one time.

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. IPL is NOT a laser. Its light source is used mainly for cosmetic procedures such as photo rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction. When compared to Alexandrite and Nd:Yag lasers, there is proven evidence-based research that shows IPL has decreased efficacy and does not result in long-term permanent hair removal.

It is proven in clinical studies that the Alexandrite laser absorbs melanin (colour) 137% more than Diode Lasers. So, the Alexandrite laser will long term give you faster and better results over the Diode laser. Our Soprano Ice Platinum machine uses Multi wavelength platform – both 810 diode, 755 Alex and 1064 Nd:YAG to create a much quicker, more pain-free result.

Body area treatments are spaced about 4-6 weeks apart. However, this can vary from person to person. You will spend most of your time in between treatments without hair. Awesome right?!

Laser Hair Removal can eliminate in-grown hairs, cysts, boils, razor bumps and decrease discolouration of the skin. You will usually see a significant improvement in your skin after the first treatment.

Yes! We can treat both light and dark skin complexions safely and effectively. We use the FDA cleared Soprano Ice Platinum to ensure you are treated on the best laser for your skin type and colour.

You don’t have to spend your whole treatment plan hiding from the sun! We ask that you refrain from tanning lotions for at least 2 weeks prior to your treatment . We can treat you if you have a tan as long as you are not physically sunburnt. We recommend no suntanning for 24-48 hours after your treatment. The remainder of the time between treatments is yours to soak up the sun!

We treat all areas of the body! Even the ones we don’t like to admit to having hair in! Female brazilian/Hollywood (yes – all of it!), areolas (nipple area), toes (and fingers too!), facial areas (our most requested area for women!), beard area for men, back/chest, arms, legs… you name it – we’ve done it.

We use the Alma Soprano Ice Platinum. Our laser is FDA-cleared for permanent hair reduction. We are able to treat ALL skin types and colours safely and effectively.

Each person needs a different amount of treatments for different areas of the body. Hair colour and texture will also play a role in the number of treatments required. Even the time between treatments can vary from person to person. We understand this and give you plenty of options to choose from. Most people need between 6-10 treatments for desired results. We offer single sessions and discounted treatment courses for all areas on the face and body, for men and women!

Yes, it is a permanent reduction for hair colours that contain melanin (light brown – black colour). Most people are able to achieve an 85% – 95% hair loss/reduction if done correctly by one of our fully trained and experienced therapists at Kings Beauty.

Nope! You can shave or trim during the laser hair removal process – just NO tweezing, waxing or creams please!