IBX Nail Treatment

Do you suffer from splitting, weak or thin nails? IBX might just be the perfect solution for you!

Read our helpful FAQ’s for IBX

What is it?
IBX is a two part system that penetrates the nail plate, helping with natural nail growth, repairs splitting nails and with continual use can help ridged nails. If you are a Gel polish user, don’t worry you can use IBX underneath your Gel polish to improve and protect the integrity of your nails!

How does it work?
The IBX system is a 2 part process in which a strengthening solution is applied to your nails, encouraged to penetrate with heat, then the application is repeated and cured under LED light. Because IBX embeds into your nail plate the treatment is invisible as it continues to work inside your nail to create a supportive scaffolding!

How often should I have IBX to see a real difference in my nails?
We recommend for the IBX treatment to be effective, that you have the treatment repeated every week.

IBX Pre-treatment Advice

Remove nail polish

IBX Aftercare Advice

  • Be careful when using suntan oils/repellent, tinted lotion, tanning or hair products as they can cause discolouration to your natural nails. Wear gloves and always wash hands after use.
  • Use protective gloves for housework, gardening, DIY etc.
  • Moisturise your hands after washing. This will allow the skin to stay smooth and youthful.
  • Take care when opening can rings and car doors.
  • Do not bite or pick at your nails as this will cause your natural nails to become week and chip.
  • Keep nails at a moderate length.
  • Metal files should be avoided as they create heat in the nails which dries the natural moisture and weakens them.
  • Maintenance appointments will be dependent on course of treatment, you can discuss this with your therapist.
IBX Treatment£18
IBX with Nail Treatment£13