CND Nails (Acrylic)

Acrylic nails are nail enhancements made by combining a liquid acrylic product with a powdered acrylic product.

Strong, natural looking, glossy nails in a choice of French, American French or natural style.

Read our Helpul FAQ’s on CND Nails

How does it work?
Acrylic nails are used to enhance the natural nails and to keep nails from breaks and splits while tips are used as extensions for nails that are slow growing or those with broken tips.

What does full set acrylic mean?
A full set, also known as artificial set, is where we apply solar powder and liquid onto your “actual/real” nails in order to extend your nail length and/or make it stronger using the powder, depending on your needs and wants for your nails.

How many times can you get a fill on acrylic nails?
You should get acrylic nails ‘filled’ once every two weeks at the max. You shouldn’t need to get a new full set unless you need to because you’re nails are all lifting or you need/want coloured tips put on, although you could easily have them fill just the tip with colored acrylic instead of getting a new full set.

What is the difference between a gel full set and acrylic full set?
Acrylic is liquid and powder, gel is gel. … If they paint your nail with thick goo out of a pot and then stick your hands under UV, it’s gel. If they mix liquid and powder and mush it on, it’s acrylics. And if they paint your nail and then sprinkle powder on, it’s dip.

Are acrylic nails bad for you?
Artificial nails, a nail enhancement that can be made from a variety of materials, aren’t likely to harm healthy natural nails. However, artificial nails can sometimes cause problems, such as an infection. … Both are made with types of acrylic, but gel nails require “curing” with ultraviolet light.

CND Nails Aftercare Advice

  • Always wear rubber gloves when washing up, dusting, garden-ing, applying chemical tan or hair dye.
  • Do not file the surface of the acrylic nail.
  • Do not bite or pick the acrylic nail, if one breaks have it repaired immediately.
  • Use non-acetone nail polish if necessary.
  • If and when you decide to remove your acrylic nails, please do not attempt to take them off yourself. Come in and have them soaked off gently.
  • Every 2-3 weeks your acrylic nails will require a refill. This is imperative to the upkeep of the nails.
  • Daily application of cuticle oil will keep your nails flexible and prevent against cracks and breaks.
Full Set with tips£65
Full Setfrom £70
Infills £47
Removal £22
Overlay £40
Overlay + Gel application£53